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beth is a...

Letter-lover, graphic designer, and real-life person.

A picture of Beth, holding a copy of a first edition of the book "Dutch Type." The book is covering her mouth and she is peeking over the top looking to the side.

A Brief Overview

About Beth

I am a graphic designer with a background in type design, and an enthusiasm for accessibility. I have worked as an agency design director, an in-house brand designer at Toys"R"Us, a Starbucks barista, and (for one very hot summer) I dressed as a Southern Belle on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. In 2017, I graduated from the Type@Cooper Extended Program. These days, I am attending the Interactive Media Arts Low Residency MA program through NYU - Tisch.

What is Polite Type?

Polite Type is the company heading for my freelance work, as well as my platform for showcasing various creative and design work that I do. The work shown here is a combination of professional and personal work. It's been curated to try and depict what I am most interested in, at present. Additional case studies or information is available upon request. Additionally, if you are a design student (or potential design student) and would like to talk to me about my projects or about working in design, please don't be shy about sending me an email.

If you are looking to hire a designer, please also check out blackswho.design and wherearetheblackdesigners.com.

Thoughts on Design

Deciding to work in the design field means deciding to take on a good amount of responsibility. I often say that it means being "the grown up in the room." One day, I will write far too many words on this topic. Until then, my stance is best summarized with the following requirements for every design endeavor:

1. Think about others.
2. Look to create repeatability.
3. Consider the impact of your work.

✨Cool Links ✨

Some things that I like on the internet.

Letterform Archive

Play with their search. Great resource for design research.

Terry Gross' Interview with Maurice Sendak

I listen to this interview at least once a year.

Get Stark Mailing List

Every designer should sign up for their mailing list. Amazing content is included with every single send. Highly recommend.

Extreme Happiness

One of the greatest YouTube videos of all time. Aleksander Gamme is an explorer in the South Pole and he digs up supplies that he left himself earlier on his expedition.


Type design program, with frequent workshops and lectures. Check out their lectures on vimeo.